Arcade Games

Arcade games is an old school type of games and it is often very fun but expensive. To buy your very own arcade, it costs about $1000! Ways can play this style of game without paying that much money is going to an arcade and there you can find vast amount of games and classic joystick and button based games. The popular games like pacman are very retro and still signature today and games like basketball shooting is new. You can find a lot of enjoyment with playing them and you should definitely try.

Ps4 Games

A ps4 is a part of a console series that has been existing for some years now and has the full name of playstation 4. This console is one of the best game consoles out there because of its vibrant color/graphics and the various amount of fun games. You can buy off from the playstation store which is the online version of a regular game shop. The device from the playstation store which is the online version of a regular game shop. The device you hold to play is the ps4 controller that is used for all the games except for the vr games. You can play spiderman, god of war, assassins creed, fortnite and all your favorites with ease. in my opinion best game console ever.

OC Hardcore games

This title is this because their competitive pc games and fun, quick pc games. I like to think them very differently. "PC Hardcore games" are games like csgo, overwatch, fortnite and etc. These are from downloading and paying money through the website or Steam. Steam is a very popular online shop for pc games. Just like Playstation store, you put money in it and you are able to boy games freely. Good games but you need other things like headphones, especially if you want to buy an expensive choice.

PC light games

These pc games are mostly free and quick. Websites like coolmathgames and 2playergames are places where you can find these games. You can find fun games you can play that is often non violent and easy to learn. Good on all devices(either pc or laptop) and best thing is that you don't need an expensive computer with good graphics to run it.

Nintendo Switch

The nintendo switch or any of the nintendo series are a portable game console that you can take anywhere you go. It is small and convenient but it can also hold a lot of fun games with high pgraphics. These games are usually family friendly and has games that allows all ages to have a blast. Great for parties and is a great way to bond with family and friends with both competetive and easy-to-learn games.


Other games include other shooter games, vr, ar, mobile games and etc. These are all not major games to my life although I do play these. I would say the most dominant and popular devices to play is the games above. I personally don't like these games but there are too many to list them off. As you can see there are a vast amount of games and if you get a chance to play them all I most certainly will. These are hard, easy, fun, family, competitve and a space amount of genres.